Wrath (ラース Rāsu) is a Homunculus of the highest calibur, being greatly skilled at hand to hand combat.





The Homunculi




Expert Hand to Hand Combat Specialist, Acrobatic Skills, Superhuman Strength, Agility and unique eyes that breakdown Alchemy in Her eyes.






100 lbs.

Eye Color


Hair Color


Tattoo Location

Mid Back


Wrath is a short young girl with red eyes and auburn colored hair. She wears a black sleevless shirt with a red line down the middle. She wears baggy black pants, with a thick red sash with two extending appendages. She wears black boots, with special soles immune to fire. She has two black gloves, with the middle and pointer finger revealed. Around her right wrist, she has two gold braclets.


Wrath is a strong willed girl who shows no happiness or sadness. Her only true emotion is anger and "wrath". She lashes out often at her allies and even enemies. She is a skilled warrior who has a deep hatred for humans. She is not above killing them, often striking her opponents down with one powerful kick. She has an extremly dark side, revealed when entering her true form.


Created by an Doctor who was a skilled Alchemist, that wanted to bring back to life a patient whom he accidently killed. It was a young girl who was in a fatal car crash. She was going to make it, until he administered to many grams of anesthsia. She went into a coma, and upon trying to take her out of it put her into a heart attack. He attempted the Human Transmutation, and when doing so lost his arms and legs to the gate. As he laid on the floor of the Hospital Room, he smiled as the girl stood from the bead. It wasn't until she stabbed him with the broken IV rack, that his smile faded. She grew dark that day, and met a man willing to train her. He told her of a few beings who are known as Homunculus, that had extrodinary gifts. She followed him until oneday he left. Her current status is unknown.


Master Acrobat- She is agile, fast, and nimble doing extravegent flips and moving at great speeds. She often combines this with her fighting to become a deadly and fast target.

Master Fighter- Wrath is a skilled fighter, taking on multiple soldiers at once and winning. She pushes weight to her legs, to go as far as to break through metal. Her punch broke through Central's wall, showing her tremendous strength.



  • She has shown to be tempted to help the Government, showing to have a good side inside her

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