Wolve is Van Hohenheim's best friend.




Wolve has long black hair which reaches past his shoulders and red-brown eyes. He has thin eyebrows and well-kempt mutton chops; otherwise, he is clean-shaven. He wears white trousers which are mostly covered by a long white coat with large buttoned cuffs. Over this, he wears a black cloak which reaches down to the ground. He wears long white boots which have two rows of buttons on the front.


He claims to dislike arguments and brutally stops rows between his subordinates. He does not value his subordinates, wounding and even slaying them when he deems them to have fulfilled their use.

Wolve is light hearted, casual and fun loving, much like his best friend, Van was supposed to have been. In the past he was shown to have been intolerable to the antics of the younger members arguing, and took the position of crew disciplinarian very seriously.

Wolvehas turned his personality around in his older years, figuring that he didn't have too much time left and it would probably be wasted as a hardass. Also, with the crew long disbanded and his best friend having faced execution, there really was not anybody around to continue disciplining. So, Wolve lives out his retirement age embracing the life that made Van Hohenheim famous, enjoying every moment for what it's worth with alcohol, women, gambling and good times.

Though he often has a serious air, Wolve enjoys going with the flow and appearing in unexpected places and in unexpected ways, especially when given his status and age. And speaking of age, he often comments on it and how his body 'doesn't work the way it used to,' usually right before doing something incredible.

Unlike those that classically behave in this manner however, the Dark Alchmist is not often headstrong, looking before he leaps and taking time to plan ahead a bit before taking action, which is not to say that this saves the old man from all acts of spontaneity.

Even when entering into an unfortunate, unplanned or just plain surprising situation though, such as engaging a Marine admiral in combat or having his ship sink in the sea infested waters of the Xerxes, Rayleigh remains completely calm, pushing forward through adversity with no hesitation.


Immense Spiritual Power: He has strength paralleling that of a human, as he was able to defeat the creatures without much difficulty, while the former army could "do nothing in front of him.

Reishi Manipulation: Wolve is capable of taking reishi and solidifying it at will. He can create an intricate throne for him to sit upon and break it down with ease, transforming it into steps to ascend to higher levels.


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