Wolfrik Parric, is a State Alchemist . Most people know him as the "Blood Alchemist": because of his ability to heal wounds by gathering back his spilled blood. Most of his family was murdered by a Serial Killer. Later, the killer was arrested, and Wolfrik killed him.

  • Wolfrik's alchemy circle

Wolfrik wears the standard amestris military uniform. He has really short black hair, and red eye. Height is 6'1, and weight is 135 lbs.


Half of Wolfrik's family was killed by one of the Homunculi. The Homunculis was about to kill Wolfrik's disabled little brother Kenny, his sister Mai, and his older brother. Fang. But, that's when Wolfrik found out he can manipulate blood. The homunculis chased Kenny on the balcony, but, Wolfrik sent the homunculis's blood on fire, and he fell off the balcony: Dying from the fall.


  • Fang Parric
  • Mai Parric
  • Kenny Parric
  • General West

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