"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Trident is a shady organization of alchemists hailing from all over the world.  Their current location has been seen, although how to reach it is unknown, and is simply known as Trident Headquarters.  Each of it's members specalize in something alchemy related, such as Roy Mustang "Fire Alchemist" or Leonard Trident "Crystal Alchemist."  Their operations are also done in absolute secrecy, not to mention their members are completely unknown, and as such, nobody knows much of anything, if anything, about them.  




Current Members

Name Alias Picture
Leonard Trihart Crystal Alchemist
Leonard Trihart
Roy Mustang Fire Alchemist
Wind Alchemist
Earth Alchemist
Water Alchemist
Ice Alchemist
The Leader Lightning Alchemist

Former Members

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