The unnamed Deathknife Alchemist was a State Alchemist, a combatant during the Ishval Civil War, and one of Scar's first victims.

The Deathknife Alchemist
Aliases The Deathknife Alchemist
General Information
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Professional Information
Occupation State Alchemist
Personal Information


The Deathknife Alchemist was one of the many State Alchemists drafted to annihilate the Ishvalan people. During the war, he led many successful raids on various villages and was noted as being horrified by his own actions.

Current Story

After the war, The Deathknife Alchemist settled down in Central as a State Alchemist. He met with Edward Elric once but, before he was able to give his name, he was called out to deal with an emergency situation. A pair of State Alchemists was found dead, and he had to go investigate.

His investigation led him into a confrontation with Scar, and the two had a large scale battle near a river. Despite the Deathknife Alchemist's acrobatic skill and combat Alchemy, he was eventually subdued and killed by Scar. His body fell into the river and was not found for several days. Scar would shortly thereafter go confront the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.


Despite his early death in the series, the Deathknife Alchemist was later revealed to have known for some time about the going-ons in Central. He kept a personal diary detailing his desire and hesitation to do something about what he knew.

Combat Alchemy

The Deathknife Alchemist sports a set of at least ten Combat and Throwing Knives on his person. Each of them is outfitted with a special Alchemical Array designed to break down substances and reform them in bright explosions. He wielded these knives with great proficiency, and could hit a target perfectly even when he was somersaulting through the air.

When the knives hit humans, the Alchemy caused the victim to convulse violently before their body finally blasted apart.


  • His rank is unknown, though it is hinted to be at least Colonel.
  • The Deathknife Alchemist's name is never revealed.