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List of Known Alchemist

'Note: Inactive refers to that the alchemist is no longer a state alchemist of the State Military.'

Name Title Rank Status
Historia Regum Britannia Lightning Alchemist Lieutenant Colonel Inactive
Mari Rosalia Storm Sniper Alchemist Major Active
Kisara Kuri Water-Ice Alchemist Major
Jonathan Marder Geomage Alchemist Wardin Active
Nicholas Schleswig-Holstein Vapor Alchemist Major Inactive
Godfrey Keppler Martial Alchemist Major Active
Angelika Mérnique Lead Alchemist Lieutenant Active
Sana Belcaris Air Alchemist Major Inactive
Unknown Name Deathknife Alchemist Colonel (possibly) Deceased
Jonathan Marder Geomage Alchemist Major General Active
Lulu Swanhilde Melancholy Alchemist Major Active
Randolph Kelsey Iron Boned Alchemist Captain Active