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Orion Schrödinger
Char Kagetane
General Information
Race Homunculus
Age 56
Gender Male
Height 7 ft
Weight 216 pounds
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Yellow
Professional Information
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Status Alive
Signature Skill Combat, Alchemy


Orion Schrödinger is a tall imposting figure in every sense. His height reaches a monstrous seven feet and his slender physique makes him appear like a walking scarecrow. This oddness is only further enhanced by his pure yellow eyes that shine like the full moon. His face is seen by none but those who did would know that it is extremely scarred and menacing.

Orion wears a very formal attire consisting of a red dress suit with an extremely long tail and upon his neck is a black bowtie. He wears a large top hat upon his head and a white mask with black decals over his face. His hands are covered by white gloves and his legs by black and grey striped pants.





Orion wears a pair of white gloves with alchemical circles carved into each palm. He uses these to perform alchemy much faster than normal alchemists and without the need for a circle. As a failsafe in case these gloves are destroyed he has two alchemical circles tattooed onto his palms.

Schrödinger's Box

Schrödinger's box is a type of anti alchemy grenade that Orion created. They are shaped like boxes and contain chlorine gas which is deadly to humans but will not harm him due to his stautus as a homunculus. These grenades are able to be placed in an area and will activate when any alchemy is performed near them shooting out a wave of poisonous gas. Orion can also activate them manually if needed by performing alchemy himself.

Abilities and Powers

Attraction and Repulsion

Orion's ability as a homunculi is to manipulate the charges of things to such a degree that they will attract or repel. He uses this to a devastating degree by flinging people at objects or even objects at people, this can even be used to deflect a barrage of bullets by setting his body to repel anything near him. Orion can even walk on walls or ceilings by using this. This ability has also granted him the ability to see the charges of objects.

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