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Militem Arms
Militem Logo
Classification Organization
General Information
Established 1855
Founder Fredric McDonald
Location Amestris & Areugo
Purpose Firearms Manufacturing
Form Corporation
Opposition Various independent firearm producers
C96 MM63

The MM-63 used by Captain Buccaneer

Militem arms was founded in the year 1855, when independent firearms manufacturer Fred McDonald merged his business with several other small independent companies in Areugo. The company quickly became one of the primary providers of weapons to the Areugan military, with such weapons as the MM-63 automatic pistol. For a short time before the start of the border conflict between Areugo and Amestris, Militem also sold weapons to the Amestrian military. Though the company began selling its weapons solely to Areugo at the start of the conflict, some of their weapons were still carried by Amestrian soldiers, many being their famed MM-63 pistol. With the fall of Fuhrer King Bradly and the restoration of peace between the two countries, Militem had once again been able to sell their weapons in Amestris.