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Jun Lang
Lang profile
Full Name Jun Ryan Lang
Aliases "The Carbine"
Kanji  軍レイング
Rōmaji Jun Reingu
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate March 31
Birthplace Youswell, Amestris
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Sign Aries
Blood Type A+
Professional Information
Affiliation State Military
Central University
Occupation Non-commissioned officer (corporal)
Partner Lena Klein
Base of Operations Central City
Personal Information
Education Military Preparatory Academy
Central University (attending)
Marital Status Single
Family Hua Lang (mother, deceased)
Unknown father
Goal Become a State Alchemist
Status Alive (active)
Signature Skill Fencing
Weapons Saber
Neuman-Ignis Type 14
Alchemy Weapons transmutation

Jun Lang (軍レイング, Jun Reingu) is a reserve officer of the State Military who is currently attending Central University. Due to his half-Xingese descent, Jun experienced discrimination and significant difficulty in entering a military academy. Because of his past, he is ashamed of his ancestry and has rejected any form of Alkahestry, even though studying the art would aid him in his Alchemy. Considered to be a prodigy in fencing a well as weapons transmutation, Lang's goal is to become a State Alchemist and a fully commissioned officer of the state military.


Lang civilian

Lang in civilian attire.


Lang enraged

Lang attacks in rage.




Lang handgun

Lang's sidearm of choice is a Neuman-Ignis Type 14 semi-automatic pistol.

  • Neuman-Ignis Type 14: The Neuman Type 14 is a semi-automatic pistol and one of the standard-issue sidearms of the State Military. A lightweight, 8mm handgun, the Type 14 is most accurate up to a range of 50 meters and fires at a rate of 290 m/s. That said, it is significantly less powerful than other, similarly chambered handguns, such as the Webster-Savage .455. Jun purchased the weapon with his own money, as he prefers the Type 14's ease of reloading, recoil operation, and low kick. The Type 14 features a short barrel and has a distinctively rounded trigger guard. Its main drawback is that its box magazine, despite its length, only holds 8-rounds, although Jun has compensated for this by etching a transmutation circle into the base of the magazine. By removing the magazine and placing it on a metal, stone, or concrete surface, he can quickly transmute the external substance into lead and brass, thereby replacing his spent cartridges without having to carry inordinate amounts of spare clips with him into combat.





  • As Jun's given name is Xingese, it is written with the character 軍, which means "army," "soldier." His last name is a reference to the destroyer USS Lang (DD-399) that was used by the United States during WWII.
  • Jun's sidearm, the Neuman-Ignis Type 14, is based on the Nambu Type 14 semi-automatic pistol that was primarily used by Japan during the Russo-Sino Japanese wars.