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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Jeremiah Martin
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Aliases The Full-metal Dominatior
Birthplace New Orleans, LA
Date of Birth September 18, 1992
Age 18
Family Unnamed Uncle, Jermaine Martin mother, deceased
Species Human
Occupation High School Student at Algiers Technology Academy
Abilities Wall Crushing Prosthetic Arms
Unique Trait Brown Eyes
Personality likes Carrion "Quickie" Johnson
First Appearance Full-metal Conqueror
Voice Actor Daniel Bailey
Seiyū None

Jeremiah Martin is a young boy with an extraordinary talent for mechanics, he wants to be a machinist.


Jeremiah heavily resembles the author of the ongoing, but yet to be published Compass Arsenal Black Reverse series, the four prequels Flawless Tactics, Blunt Tactics, Makeshift Tactics, and Defensive Tactics series, and Mega Cell.

He has light brown skin, dark-brown eye irises, a small mole on the left bridge of his nose, wears a dark blue shirt tee shirt, with dark blue jeans, and dark black timberland boots.


He has a impulsive personality