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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Desmond Hackney
Birthplace East City
Date of Birth 1896
Age 18
Family Unnamed Parents
Species Human
Abilities Alchemy (typically Heat-based)
Martial Arts
Weapon Weapons of Choice:
Handheld Firearms

Connor Petrenko is a master alchemist and skilled martial artist living in Central City as a civilian, born in East City. His alter ego has been widely labelled, renowned as a vigilante by citizens and the media. He is a highly skilled combatant, using his knowledge of alchemy and other abilities to expose the government.


Connor has spiky, jet-black which sweeps through his fair skin and black eyes. His body is slim, yet well built. He stands at an average height for his age at 5'10. He typically wears dark jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a dark blue jacket with black shoes. As he goes under his vigilante work, he encases his face in a black bandana and a black cap.


Connor is quite the cheerful, energetic individual, usually wearing a nice smirk on his face. His thought process tends to be rather straightforward, and he usually tends to say things which are on his mind. He's rather confident in his abilities and cocky about cases he doesn't feel to be noteworthy.


Having spent much of his life training, Connor's level of physical strength is right about mind-blowing. He's an extremely powerful martial artist, a master hand-to-hand combatant in terms of both armed and unarmed combat, focusing in real life situations, quick strikes, and brutal counterattacks. Coming back from Briggs, his strength had only expanded. He carries a knife at all times and his preferred weapons are bladed ones and handheld firearms. A knife and handgun always arms Connor.

He also holds an expertise in parkour, allowing him to fluently get from one point to another as fast as possible. This helps him to gain unique vantage points. He also holds noteworthy medical knowledge. Additionally, with his great level of physical endurance, he's a skilled free runner.

An accomplished alchemist, Connor obviously holds a great level of intelligence. With knowledge of countless substances and alchemical structures, he's able to transmute roughly whatever he comes into contact with. This intelligence also makes him a skilled escape artist, able to avoid extreme cases with minimal interference.


Connor's unique form of alchemy involves increasing the speed at which an object's molecules flow, therefore increasing the heat of such object, giving the object a red orange-hot color. He wears gloves with transmutation circles on them, allowing him to do this more fluently. With his skill to use many weapons, he typically makes the blade or tip of a weapon hot, increasing its power. This can also be incorporated into gun bullets.

Outside of his signature use of alchemy, Connor is able to transmute quickly and cleanly. This allows him to create weapons, structures, and alter his surroundings which can give him an advantage. Such alterations include columns, battering rams, and traps for his target.


Connor was born in a relatively wealthy family in an area in East City. His life was rather normal until the point where he was about seven years old. On a stroll with his older siblings to watch him, they'd get caught up in a robbery, Connor witnessing both of his siblings shot dead in the streets. He'd survive by pretending to be dead. The news eventually reached his parents, the two arriving to give loving comfort to the tramautized Connor. He'd eventually proceed with his normal life, homeschooled and now an only child.

Much of Connor's childhood was spent studying combat, disguise, and many other skills. His intelligence surpassed that of his parents at an early age. In the year 1813, when Connor Petrenko was roughly seventeen years old, he ventured off from his home to continue his training with renowned man, Silver Steiner. He'd head to the west in the northern region of Briggs in order to train under him. After the month was up, he headed back into town and went under training with Steiner for a year.

Now eighteen years old, Connor headed back to his hometown East City to his parents. Connor now felt he was ready to live his life, heading to Central City to strike it rich. As he'd notice strange things happening about in the city, he'd develop a level of curiosity which he couldn't resist. When the situation calls for it, he privately hides his face and investigates.

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