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Charles Stechkin
Full Name Charles Stewart Stechkin III
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate January 23
Birthplace Drachma
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 177 cm
Weight 67 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Lavender
Blood Type AB+
Professional Information
Affiliation Central University
Fuhler Steel Company
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Central City
Personal Information
Education Central University
Family Austef Stechkin (Brother/Deceased)
Hanna Stechkin (Sister)
Charles Stechkin II (Father/Deceased)
Ira Stechkin (Mother/Deceased)
Status Alive
Signature Skill Alchemy

Charles Stechkin (チャールズシテケン, Chāruzu Shiteken) is an Alchemist in training who originates from Drachma along with his family. Charles, along with his siblings, live a modest life in Central City after the death of their mother. His father was one of many faces in the attack on Fort Briggs. He risked his life to save the Drachman Commander from death, but ultimately failed, dying in a large explosion. After his passing, Charles' mother decided to take her children to the country of Amestris. His mother faced discrimination for Drachma's recent offense, and had to work hard for her earnings. Luckily, Charles and his siblings were exempt from the Amestrians' torment due to the siblings accepting the refuge of their small, dusty home. The oldest, Austef, sought to find importance for himself, and publicly helped his mother on many occasions. Unfortunately, he met his demise at the hands of a group of bigoted Amestrians. It was then that the family began to crumble. His mother worked herself to death, prompting Charles to take the role of the man in the family, taking care of his sister Hanna. Now a student of Central University studying the art of Alchemy, Charles works part-time at one of Fuhler's shipping warehouses in Central.




Charles cares for his sister greatly.





Full Metal Alchemist: Heart of Sin



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