Serah Fujisaki

Name: Serah Fujisaki

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nicknames: The Nova light Alchemist


Personality: Serah is a quiet and kind girl but she can get very serious when a battle comes up. She is very caring and will rush and heal an ally if they are hurt. She can also be energetic at times as well especialy when special events or festivals come up. She hates it when people either crowd her too much, stalk her or when another officer tells her what to do. She loves flowers especially cherry blossems and roses.

History: Serah was born into a very rich family. She ran away from her home and came to the millitary so she could prove that she was not weak. Her family was very creul to her they abused her really badly. Her Favourite allies was always Ed and Al. She was treated like a younger sister to Mustang and Riza.


Nova beam- Creates varios balls of light scattered around serah all constantly shooting beams of light at her enemies. Flash- Serah sends put a huge amount of light power to blind her enemies. Light bomb- Serah creates tons of balls of light and scatter them all around the area that she wants to be affeced, the balls of light later explode doing massive damage. Swift nova dance- Serah twirls in the air when a veil of light appears around her. when she makes contact with enemies they get hurt pretty badly.

To be continued...

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