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Full Name Arthur Fragtell
Aliases "Genesis"
Meaning Creation of something new, in Latin
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 19th November
Birthplace Aerugonian-Amestrian Border
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 189 cm
Weight 88 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Turquoise
Unique Trait Burnt scar across the right side of his face
Blood Type B+
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself


Occupation Leader of Aconitum
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Information
Education Unknown
Marital Status Single
Family Unnamed father (deceased)

Unnamed mother (deceased) Unnamed younger sister (deceased) Unnamed younger sister (deceased)

Goal To destroy the current Amestrian Government
Status Alive (active)
Signature Skill Swordsmanship
Weapons Sabre
Arthur Fragtell, commonly known under the alias Genesis (litt. Creation of something new), is the Amestrian-Aerugonian leader of the extremist terrorist group known as "Aconitum" that leads a campaign against the Amestrian government. Having lost his mother, father and two sisters to a group of state alchemists in one of the many border skirmishes between Aerugo and Amestris, he swore revenge on those responsible for beginning the entire conflict in the first place. During Arthur's earliest childhood he lived shortly in Roariz before he and his family moved closer to the Aerugonian-Amestrian border, and it was during this period that he came to know Lily Ericson.


Arthur's body has the build of a sleek, muscled warrior, the result of having strained his body to the utmost in an attempt to perfect himself into a living, breathing weapon. His face is defined by sharp angles with the most prominent feature being his chin, but what mostly sets him apart from those around him is the large, twisted scar covering his entire right side of his face. Arthur's hair hangs down just past the top of his shoulders and is colored a dark brown with lighter streaks of hair mixed in here and there. His skin is somewhat pale, standing in a stark contrast against his rather narrow eyes which are colored a vibrant turquoise. The clothes he wears in public mostly consist of dark suits made from rather expensive fabrics, as well as a long, equally dark trench-coat for colder weather.

The outfit he wears as "Genesis" varies little from what he usually appears in, with the only exceptions being the ornately decorated mask made out of silver that covers all of his upper face, stopping just below the tip of his nose and exposing his mouth and chin, and a dark cloak reaching the ground. Another feature he wears when posing as the terrorist leader "Genesis" are a pair of golden earrings, both having a drop-shaped ruby fastened at the bottom. He also has a sword strapped to his side.



  • Aconitum Poison: Arthur always keeps several small vials of this concentrated, deadly poison extracted from the flower known as "monkshood' or 'wolf's bane' on his person. A few drops alone of this substance is enough to kill several hundred people and he only uses this as a last resort.
  • Sabre:


  • "Aye, Bradley is dead, but does that avenge the murder of my family? All of Amestris is guilty! The entire country is guilty of their military's crime, they are guilty of the actions that their soldiers took! I will not rest until every single individual inside that wretched hive of destruction is torn to pieces! I will end this wretched country's future!"