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Angelika Mérnique
Aliases Anka Rheinberger (アンカ ラインベルガ, Anka Rainberuga)
The Lead Alchemist (鉛の錬金術師, Namari no Renkijutsu-shi)
Kanji アンジェリカ メーニック
Rōmaji Anjerika Mēnikku
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate August 16th, 1889
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 1,67 cm
Weight ???
Unique Trait Xingese Mother
Changing personality
Sometimes confused with man
Blood Type AB-
Professional Information
Affiliation Amestris
Occupation Lieutenant
Partner Riza Hawkeye
Personal Information
Signature Skill Large distance aim
Super strength
Martial arts
Weapons Shotguns
9mm USP Pistol
Alchemy Lead

Angelika Mérnique (アンジェリカ メーニック Anjerika Mēnikku) is a lieutenant from the Ametris State Military as well an alchemist.


Angelika Mérnique is a woman in her mid-to-late twenties with a moderately muscular and curvaceous build, black hair that reaches her shoulders and grey slanted eyes.

Her bangs fall partially obscuring her right eye. She frequently wears a black, long-sleeved turtleneck under her military uniform and often while in casual dress as well. While in civilian clothes, she is mostly seen in pants and boots.


Angelika is a serious woman and usually has a serious, frightening face according to some. She is characterized by having little (or almost no) patience and a fairly strong character.

Mérnique tends to treat people differently, depending on how they look in their eyes. This woman deals best with those of higher rank or who she considers better or stronger than her.

Power and Abilities

Super strength

To help herself in difficult situations, she can rely on her super strength, knowing the exact point to release her energy when hitting, Angelika could easily remove any obstacle and turn it into rubble. An enemy hit by her could suffer instant death, fractures, broken organs, or any other injury of extreme damage. Over time and by using it several times, Mérnique had become able to use this force instantly and did not have to put any effort into using it.

Martial Arts